Phil Keoghan,  Director of CBS The Early Show

“Hi Derek,

On behalf of our crazy team, I just wanted to thank you once again for your incredible location management support last week in Scotland. We all agree it would have been crazy to attempt our adventure without you, you’ve got great energy and there’s no doubt that you helped us avoid a lot of angst with directions.

It’s always refreshing to work with people who get into the spirit of the thing, your words of encouragement along the way really helped me pull through. I think the photo below says it all, the true meaning of No Opportunity Wasted! I really hope we can work
with you again in some capacity.”

An Anarchist’s Story
“It was set in Barcelona 1936 during the Spanish Civil War. Due to budget constraints we had to find interior and exterior locations that matched Spain of the 1930’s  … in Glasgow! Amazing work!!”

CBS, The Early Show
“From Greenock to St Andrews, the Keoghans Heroes production crew required good planning and route management in order to achieve a record breaking stunt – completed in 4 days on foot across Scotland with their presenter putting a golf ball all the way – along with (sometimes spontanaeous) voxpops involving many provincial organisations in various towns over this 110 mile journey. Planning time ONE day. .… .this was guerrilla filming.”